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Foundation for Health Equity™ recognizes the disproportionate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on communities of color, older adults, and families.

For example, Black and Latinx Philadelphians have the highest and second highest rates of COVID-19 infection, hospitalization, and death. In light of this, we have collected dozens of resources (and counting) below, organized by food, family, older adults, community, and emergency:

  • Foundation for Health Equity™ is responding to the needs of non-profit organizations who provide critical services and emergency response at this time. If you’d like to participate with us, feel free to contact us directly or go to the Give page to designate a donation to the COVID-19 Response Fund.
  • The Philadelphia Foundation: The PHL COVID-19 Fund provides grants to Greater Philadelphia organizations with a successful track record of serving at-risk populations such as the seniors, people with disabilities, and those who are experiencing homeless or are economically disadvantaged, in order to continue community safety nets such as food pantries and health services, and help with preparedness and protection such as hygiene supplies, access to accurate current information, and available services.
  • The Montgomery County Foundation: The MontCoPA COVID-19 Response Fund has provided grants to nonprofit organizations with a successful track record of serving vulnerable populations in Montgomery County. The Fund is designed to complement the work of Montgomery County’s public health, state, and federal officials and expand local capacity to address the outbreak as efficiently as possible. Initial grant applications may be submitted for up to $5000.
  • Foundations Community Partnership: COVID-19 Response Grants are intended to quickly provide financial resources so that nonprofit organizations can continue serving Bucks County children, youth, and families throughout this public health and economic crisis.These $5,000 grants will be awarded to eligible applicants that address the behavioral health needs for children, youth, and families in Bucks County.
  • Merchant Relief Fund: The Merchants Fund – Stabilization Grants are available to help small businesses remain stable and viable.
  • Small Business Relief Fund: Providing some small businesses impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with immediate relief through a mix of grants and loans.
  • LISC: Rapid Relief and Resiliency Fund will inject much-needed, flexible resources into historically under-invested communities. These are the places that are suffering most from the economic fallout due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • COVID-19 Artists Aid: COVID-19 Arts Aid PHL supports individual artists as well as small arts and culture organizations and mid-sized organizations whose operations, work and livelihood have been deeply affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Case Studies

Center in the Park (CIP)

3 women wearing masks organizing donations

It has been a busy year for Center in the Park and, even though they physically closed the building in March, the Center is as active as ever! CIP is providing emergency food from their pantry and delivering special interim frozen meals to over 200 older adults per week. Their staff have made thousands of “wellness check” phone calls to participants, and began programming online. While 2020 has been a challenging year thus far, they are truly living their mission: promoting positive aging, listening to the voices of their participants, and truly providing community connections during a critical time.

SeniorLAW Center

SeniorLAW Center group staff photo

The team at SeniorLAW Center came together creatively to serve older people at the epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic. They moved their entire team to a remote operation and have come together in this time of crisis to put older people first:

  • To provide critical legal services and resources to older people
  • To ensure their safety, freeing them from financial exploitation and abuse, saving homes and lives

They have expanded services, education and advocacy, and are honored to serve older people who are at risk during this crisis.

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